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If you’re looking for KINETIC PIXEL you’ve come to the right place. We’ve decided that it’s simpler (and easier to spell!) if we use the shortened version of our name – KPX – from now on.

Turn on the television in the UK and whether you’re watching Terrestrial TV, Satellite TV or SVOD platforms you’re sure to see many hours of content each day powered by our technology.

As well as having a prolific portfolio of work in the UK, our projects take us all over the globe.  KPX have partners and freelancers working with us every day on both coasts of the United States, in Africa, Europe and Asia.

We’re trusted by production teams at Sony Pictures, Warner Bros, Banijay, Objective Media Group, NBCUniversal and All3Media, all of whom have shows on platforms and broadcasters including ABC, NBC, Red Bull TV, ITV, BBC, Channel 4, Sky and, Netflix.

We’d love to hear from you to talk about how we can help your production come to life!

Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway with dancer's in front of our Virtual Interactive Audience

the wheel floor graphics with host Michael McIntyre and contestants in seats

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire with audience, contestant, and Jeremy Clarkson

Whether it’s a project in development or massive studio show, KPX are my go to. They’ve got great ideas and execution and go out of their way to help. Possibly the best thing about them is their clear communication. Oh and that they’re far cleverer than me, but they don’t rub it in!
Simon Adsett
Series Producer, (Multiple Shows)
The biggest compliment I can give to KPX is that they make life easy for us!  When making high volume shows timing is of great importance, and they always have everything working when we need it to.  On House of Games we have over 60 different mini games, and they make sure that all of them run perfectly, and make them look like they are in our house style.
, Remarkable Entertainment logo
Tamara Gilder
Managing Director / Executive Producer, Remarkable Entertainment, (Richard Osman's House of Games)
It is always a great experience working alongside the KPX team. They work seamlessly alongside our production teams and understood and execute our (often many!) requests and requirements with ease. Most importantly of all everything always looks, plays and works perfectly in studio for all of our filming dates without so much as a blip.
, Whisper logo
Jamie Barnes
Production Executive, Whisper, (Jeopardy!)
I've had the pleasure of working with the fabulous KPX team on 7 series of Tenable and it's always a joy. Reliable, unflustered, adaptable and all-round decent telly folk!
, Initial logo
Richard Greenwood
Executive Producer, Initial, (Tenable ITV)
Working with KPX is always an absolute pleasure. They’ve been integral in the production of Question of Sport and The Weakest Link with us at BBC Studios in recent years. The ‘can-do’ attitude is magnificent, and the whole team are always ready and willing to input creatively into the production process. It is a relationship that I am keen to maintain on the shows that we already work together on and expand into new projects in the future.
Gareth Edwards
Executive Producer, (BBC Studios Entertainment & Music)
Always a pleasure to work with, KPX have continually offered technical expertise, knowledge and a commitment to teamwork.
, BBC Studioworks logo
Steve Whitehead
Engineering manager, BBC Studioworks
I have worked with KPX for many years on lots of quiz shows, some technically complex, others a bit simpler. Their people are understanding, listen to my needs and act on them, and most importantly, under pressure in a studio, they are really on it from every aspect.
Roger Williams
TV Lighting Director
KPX joining the team for on The Weakest Link, has been amazing. They’re such a great company to work with. Not just because they’re top of the class when it comes to game technology and live studio graphics, but because they are brilliant people to work alongside - which is just as important!!
, BBC Studios logo
Pete Ogden
Creative Director, BBC Studios, (The Weakest Link)
We contacted KPX to build the game technology for a recent BBC Two pilot with just one weeks’ notice. They impressed in every aspect of their work, delivering high production values, a technically sound solution and professional delivery in studio. The pilot went smoothly, their dedicated team were a pleasure to work with and we would happily work with them again in the future.
, 12 Yard logo
Paul McGettigan
Executive Producer, 12 Yard, (Insert Name Here)
KPX are an essential part of our coverage for the Urdd Eisteddfod, supplying graphics, content and information to multiple departments and media outlets. They always have a solution to any problem we can throw at them, and are a dedicated team who always go the extra mile to deliver a first-class service
, Afanti Media logo
Emyr Afan
Chief Executive, Afanti Media, (Urdd Eisteddfod)
Got To Dance is a huge production, and that means we need every department to deliver a great service with minimal fuss and worry. Using KPX for the judge systems gave us confidence that their systems would “just work” each and every time during our live shows. They did a sterling job and we appreciate their involvement in making these shows!
, Princess Productions logo
Dylan Moore
Production Manager, Princess Productions, (Got To Dance - Sky One)
Pointless is a very well established and long running show and knowing we have KPX running many facets of the game means it is one less thing to worry about. The KPX team are professional, and a pleasure to work with. With KPX you get great attention to detail which on Pointless is essential and nothing is too much hassle even with last minute changes.
, Remarkable Entertainment logo
John Ryan
Series Producer, Remarkable Entertainment, (Pointless)
KPX did a marvellous job for us on Fifteen to One. It’s a surprisingly complex show to make, so their attention to detail, their willingness to take on a challenge and the dedicated and professional way in which they worked were all vital in making our production a success. They handled multiple question protocols, 18 sets of contestant podia, wireless host screens, extensive and intricate floor and studio lighting cues, as well as last minute format changes, all with a reassuring, calm efficiency. Also they’re lovely people to work with.
, Remedy Television logo
Tom Blakeson
Chief Creative Officer, Remedy Television, (Fifteen To One for Channel 4)
The LED floor is central to the entire 5 Gold Rings format so it was essential that the technology behind it was spot on. KPX provided us with a solution that not only gave contestants an exciting multisensory gameplay experience but that was also accurate to the Nth degree – which is absolutely key in a game where every pixel counts. It was a pleasure to work with the KPX team on the project, we are thrilled with the huge success of 5 Gold Rings and are very excited to see the show continue to take over living rooms both here in the UK and all over the world.
, Possessed logo
Glenn Hugill
Managing Director, Possessed, (5 Gold Rings for ITV)
The Virtual Wall is now embedded as such an important part of the shows’ fabric this year and it doesn’t fail to impress me how incredible it looks. The tech behind it is mind bogglingly complex but all the team working on it are doing such a fantastic job and it is giving us the best alternative to a live audience we could wish for in these times.
, ITV Studios logo
Diego Rincon
Executive Producer, ITV Studios, (Saturday Night Takeaway)